Colleen Reynolds Fine Artist

Watercolor Painting by Colleen Reynolds

Colleen Reynolds is a versatile painter who marvels in capturing the emotion and soul of the every day. Her work reflects many years of taking notice of all things living; including portraits, pets and plants. Colleen’s representational paintings have a loose and textural quality, full of contrast and vibrant color. Her characteristic subject cropping grasps the viewers’ attention and draws them in to study the message or story behind the work.

Reynolds works in virtually every painting and drawing medium, though painting in watercolor captures her attention most often. Colleen takes joy in completing custom orders for a variety of celebrations, including weddings, memorials, graduations and other important events. 

Throughout her working years, Colleen’s overriding interest has been art. She has accrued over 200 hours in fine art studies, from college and private masters. Reynolds paints and conducts classes out her private studio. She has shown her paintings in galleries, joined artist cooperatives and participated in numerous artist exhibitions, fairs and shows. She is a Past President of the Utah Watercolor Society and remains an active and contributing member. Colleen's art is currently represented by the Taylor Jensen Fine Art Gallery in New Zealand; The Framing Establishment in Salt Lake City, UT; and The Art Bank in Ely, Nevada.

Colleen does business as an artist and writer through her company, CRB Endeavors. She has a Masters degree in Education and Bachelors degrees in Fine Art and Applied Mathematics. In previous lives, Colleen completed a 20-year U.S. Navy career and taught corporate, college and university courses.

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