Watercolor Classes

Colleen's watercolor instruction covers both topics fundamental to all visual art creations, as well as watercolor technique. 

Be sure to check out Colleen's video series as well. See Art Instruction page for the latest. 

Watercolor class Graphic

Art fundamental topics include; basic drawing, color theory, perspective and proportion, value, temperature, shadow and light, composition, illusion of space on a 2-D surface, and more!

Watercolor techniques covered include; flat, gradated and variegated washes, wet-in-wet on hot press paper, wet-to-dry on cold press paper, sectionalized flat washes, pouring, alternative materials and methods, spontaneous painting, and more! 

Additional information

  • Colleen will be teaching watercolor workshops and classes with the Artsy Fartsy Creative Center in Carson City, Nevada, beginning July 2017. Dates, times, prices will vary. 
  • Additional sponsored workshops in Utah and California are in the offing!