Re-tooling a Scrap

Creating something from nothing is always exciting.

I had previously completed a commission painting for a lovely customer involving a home, two figures, and an American flagpole. I finished up the commission and mailed it off to the customer post haste. The painting was meant to be a gift, and the birthday was fairly near.

The customer and I had some discussion over the most effective way to ship the painting. We coordinated with a private carrier company at first, but there was an issue with payment. We went with the good ole U.S. Postal Service, even though the customer had concerns. She indicated the service was poor in her neck of the woods, and they had recently had a rash of vandalism if packages were left at doorsteps. We agreed to purchase a signature confirmation requirement, so the postal carrier would not leave the package at the door.

Unfortunately, the postal carrier did not honor the purchased signature confirmation, and he/she left the package at the door.

And… wait for it… yes, the package was vandalized.

The customer was distraught, as you might imagine. So I filed a claim with the Post Office (yes, we had also purchased insurance). In the meantime, I began to paint the painting again.

After much back and forth, the customer decided the tiny rip on the corner of the painting could be repaired and she asked me not to continue with the replacement painting.

What does all that have to do with this post? Well, fast forward six months, and I’m cleaning out my studio…uh-gain (it seems like I’m always cleaning out my studio. Sigh. Why can’t it just STAY clean?). I found the abandoned painting and decide to tear the paper in pieces to maybe try painting on the reverse side.

And then I saw this part of the painting with the American Flag and the end of the home that looked really sweet. The date is July 5th, a date significant to Americans, because…well, we have this small country-wide celebration for Independence Day and stuff. .

I had picked some garden flowers for a 4th of July BBQ table centerpiece the day before. Hmmmm, says I, wouldn’t it be fun to put some “American” flowers in the foreground? If it doesn’t work out, it was probably just going in the “circular file” anyway… What’ve I got to lose, right?

To begin, I lifted off some of the background paint in the shape of the tips of the Veronica flowers using Mr Clean’s magic eraser. I sketched in some details, looking at the still life arrangement, masked off the daisies, and then decided to record my efforts for posterity…

Lucky you, now you can see how the story of “The Americans” ends by watching the 27:40-minute video (accelerated to double time and narrated) completely FREE!

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