2nd Painting 30×30 Direct Watercolor Challenge – Iris

“Wild Iris” Click for larger view

Wild Iris with Source Flower

Since I started the #30x30DirectWatercolor Challenge a day late, I found myself painting two paintings on June 2nd. We have thing subtle and delicate wild irises blooming in our front garden at the moment. I picked one to decorate my guest’s bedside table over the weekend. This day it was starting to curl and wither, so thought I had better paint it while I could. I wanted this one to be a lot simpler. I found myself double stroking and overworking. Sigh.

If you’re curious, the painting is on a quarter sheet of Arches 140lb cold press. I used my trusty Lowe-Cornell #14 round brush. I wanted vibrant violets (that alliterates nicely, huh?), so I used my warm blues (Ultramarine Light by Holbein and Cobalt Blue by Daniel Smith) and cool reds (Quinacridone Red and Rose by Daniel Smith). I started with the yellow stripe on the petals using Hansa Yellow Medium and Deep. For the greens, I went back to my trusty Cascade Green and skewed it to yellow-green and blue-green, using the same blues and yellows.

I did not saturate the paper entirely but just wet the area for the petals. I have decided I like it better to wet the whole paper. The flower is too large. It lost its grace. Sigh. But I’m posting the good, bad, and the ugly… Hopefully, only better from this.

I appreciate all comments, questions, and suggestions. Thank you for stopping by.

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