8th Painting 30×30 Direct Watercolor Challenge – Geese Gaggle All in a Row

“Geese Gaggle” Watercolor 11″x7.5″

Continuing with the #30x30DirectWatercolor Facebook challenge. I have been taking long morning walks along the Carson River (as you may have read in other blog posts?). To make the “chore” of morning exercise more enjoyable, I sling our trusty Rebel Canon SLR camera around my neck in hopes of catching and recording the local wildlife. Usually, the Canadian geese are plentiful on my route… Hubby says they must have all gone back to Canada for the summer. But I did see a couple of families wander up the canal a couple of days ago.

I thought this would be a quick study, but alas I spent more than about an hour and a half on it. I decided it would be too hard to save the whites around the heads of the geese and the goslings, so I waxed a bit to save some white shapes.

I then saturated the paper by wetting both sides and letting the paper sit in the water for a bit. While the paper “cooked” I decided on my colors. I chose Sap Green knocked back a bit with Quinacridone Red (Both Daniel Smith) and Cobalt Blue and Ultramarine Light (Both Holbein) for the water. I mixed some of the Ultramarine with Perinone Orange (Daniel Smith) for geese and goslings. I later brought in a bit of Raw Sienna Light (Daniel Smith) on the geese and into the water reflections and added some Pyrrol Transparent Orange (Daniel Smith) to the Ultramarine Light because I just couldn’t get dark enough with the Perinone Orange.

I dried back the paper a bit with paper towels and a rolled up terrycloth towel, so the paper was more damp than super wet before paint application.

I applied light neutralized greens and blues for the water area, and “found” the waxed whites. I wanted the focal point to be the gosling grouping to the left and just below center, so I left the area quite light for the first pass.

I tried to keep the bird shapes loose and impressionistic, applying the first layer of browns and grays light into the wet paper. I had to dry the paper back a bit to find the final forms. I scraped back some white sparkles on the birds and water with a sharp snap knife. I did use a bit of Titanium white on the first momma goose and some of the goslings’ bodies. It just produced the perfect gray tone that was needed. I “ended” the painting with my signature using my liner (“rigger”) brush, after the paper was almost dry. But then… the signature line inspired me to add some more calligraphy line strokes.

If you’re interested in purchasing this painting ($300 with 11×14 frame), the image is 11″x7.5″ watercolor on 140lb Arches watercolor paper. Thank you in advance. I use PayPal as my payment processor. You do NOT need a PayPal account to purchase. Shipping cost is $15 only if purchasing through PayPal and shipping through the U.S. Postal Service (check payments will incur additional shipping charges). Taxes are additional, where applicable.

Note: I changed the title to “All in a Row.” The U.S. Copyright office registration reflects the new title. If purchasing, the painting title will be “All in a Row”. The video instruction title remains, “Geese Gaggle.”

All in a Row – $150 (w/ frame & mat)

The accelerated video below shows the process.

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