A Walk of Roses

Wow! I took a walk in the early morning light. The neighborhood roses are peaking.

We have white ones, pink ones, red ones, yellow and coral. ‘Tis a feast for the eyes. I can’t wait to paint a few.

I want to try using some textural effects since that is my focus for my Community Education watercolor class this week.

Or I am also teaching a college watercolor class for June and July. The class started yesterday. Maybe I will try some sumi-e style calligraphy strokes? 

Or maybe some wet-into-wet for my #30x30directwatercolor challenge? Stay tuned to see what happens?

I hope to update you all this afternoon on my painting prowess. Stay tuned.

I appreciate all comments, questions, or suggestions. Thank you for stopping by.

All photos are subject to copyright. Please no downloading or copying or using as a painting reference without permission.

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