Painting Preparation – Autumn Aspen with Texture

“Hope Valley” Watercolor 5.5″x7.5″

This painting was my third painting done in preparation for my final texture focused class. I again used a source photo, compliments of Dee Beardsley. Dee is not sure of the location, but it looks suspiciously like Hope Valley in the fall, which near the Nevada / California border on U.S. Rt 88. B. E. A. You-ti-ful country.

Stage 1 – Masking

I began as in the other two preparation paintings, by masking off some whites using my small palette knife to “scribble” and splatter the fluid. I exaggerated the whites to accommodate my plan to add a brighter, cooler yellow to make the Aspen glow.  Speaking of color choices, I used four “yellows” for the painting; Hansa Yellow Light & Medium, New Gamboge, and Raw Sienna Light. I added two reds, Quinacridone rose (cool) and Pyrrol red (all Daniel Smith), then my one trusty blue, Ultramarine Light (Holbein).

Stage 2 – Remove Masking

Stage 4 – Almost done

After the masking (Pebeo Drawing Gum) had dried, I began by laying in the medium yellow and Gamboge below the masked area. I added a bit of the cool red to indicate the darker centers of the trees. I painted the area above the tree line with blue, and dropped in some warm yellow (Gamboge) and Raw Sienna around the edges and let the greens emerge on their own. The masking created a “fire line” between the colors, so the blue and green tones did not muddy up the bright yellows and oranges in the autumn foliage. I wet the foreground area and splattered in all of the yellows, cool red, warm red and a tiny bit of blue.

Hope Valley – Final

For auxiliary texture materials: I dropped in some Winsor n Newton texture medium using an old brush into the wet yellows. I added sea salt to the wet-in-wet when the paint was still wet, but not sopping wet. I pushed in some cling film to the greens above the yellow tree line. I then had to let the painting dry, so I worked on another in-process painting (see my two previous blog posts).

At Stage 4, I was nearly done, but I saw two areas that I wanted to correct. However, I wanted to save the corrections to show my class.

Can you tell which two spots gave me pause? How do you think the corrections were made? Sleight of hand? Magic? Do you prefer it before or after “the fix”? Answers below, please, and no rude bits. Click on images for a larger view.

I appreciate all comments, questions, and suggestions. Thank you for stopping by.

Hope Valley – Watercolor 5.5″x7.5″ with mat

If you’re interested in purchasing this little gem for $150 (with gold frame & white/black core mat), simply click the “Add to Cart” button below. Shipping is $15 for customers paying with a PayPal account or a credit/debit card. Check payments and deliveries outside the continental U.S. will incur additional shipping charges. Taxes additional where applicable (Nevada residents or International customers).

“Hope Valley” with frame & mat $150


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