I Grew You a Cat

“I Grew You a Cat” Watercolor 4″x10″

In a lesson for my college watercolor class on saving, retrieving, and painting whites, the students had to start with a traditionally white subject, such as a cloud, white flower, white cat (or at least partially white), white sand, etc. They each chose a theme subject for the semester, so the white subject had to also incorporate their chosen theme.

Throughout the semester, I try to paint a subject from each student’s theme. Now, I don’t know if one particular student was trying to score a few points with the instructor by choosing cats as her theme? I am not saying I “play favorites,” but it is really hard to be objective about kitty paintings. Ha! Those of you who know me, know I’m a tiny bit partial to the felines?

I have resisted for half a semester, though, before demonstrating a kitty painting. I think that qualifies as an extreme delay of gratification, no?

I began the demonstration in class. In the lesson, students had to use at least one method each of saving, retrieving and painting whites. See my blog post from July 7th “Whites and Watercolor”

End of Class demonstration. Beginning 2nd stage after removing the masking

For this painting, I used masking fluid and painting around to save whites.  I used three primary colors for the painting; Phthalo Blue (Green Shade), Pyrrol Red and New Gamboge. After painting the first layer of value, I removed the masking and began laying in some medium value tones.

Much of the painting process can be viewed via my accelerated (Public) Youtube video. I did not use any white paint for this painting, but I did use two methods for retrieving whites, which you can watch in the video.

I will let the video do my “talking” to illustrate the rest of the painting process… I appreciate all comments, questions, and suggestions. Thank you for stopping by.




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