Brusho Redux

Susan & Veronica

Daisy & Susan Too

Okay, practice is needed, but I had a blast pulling out the old Brusho® pots. These paintings of the flowers in my front garden are two practice pieces (the ones I am willing to share).  It’s been a few years since I have created with theBrusho® product.

For those of you who are unfamiliar with Brusho®, it is a crystallized watercolour pigment (possibly ink-based?), manufactured in Britain, that is intense (bright), transparent and staining. I learned of the product initially from Joanne Boon Thomas when she and Art Tutor first launched the product to U.S. audiences in early 2013 (I believe).

Imagine if all watercolor pigments had the qualities of Phthalo Blue, and you can begin to understand the challenges you might face painting with Brusho® pigments.

The pigment is delivered in a small “pot” of colored powder in a variety of highly saturated colors. The powder dilutes quickly with water. It is fun to sprinkle the powder on to a pre-wetted surface and watch the colors explode like fireworks. Though, be warned! It is really easy to use too much pigment too soon. Like watercolor, one should work light to dark, but it is oh so hard to resist the fireworks. I recommend looking at some of the tutorials by Joanne Boon Thomas on Brusho if you would like to learn more about the product.

Nowadays, nearly all the major online art retailers in the U.S. carry the product, but back in 2014 and 2015, I purchased the pots directly from the manufacturer, Colour Craft, in England. A quick trip through their website will reveal quite a few video tutorials, as well.

Rhapsody in Spring

During my artist’s reception recently, one of my earlier Brusho® “masterpieces” was part of my featured artist show. Many folks commented or asked why it looked so different from the other pieces. This poppy painting, titled, “Rhapsody in Spring” was one of four full sheet paintings I completed that first year. I held several workshops and really became quite enamored with the medium. I later had some issues having Brusho® considered “acceptable” for national watercolor society competitions, so I have been focusing on regular watercolor lately.

The brightness of the pigment does tend to grab one’s attention, no?

Are you local? Come be dazzled by Brusho® at my painting demo on August 3rd. I may also paint with reg’lar watercolor as well. At any rate, I invite you to join me during the Carson City Wine Walk, August 3rd from 1-5pm. I will be painting live in the Artsy Fartsy Art Gallery garden (weather permitting), 405 N. Nevada St., Carson City, Nevada.

I appreciate all comments, questions, and suggestions. Thank you for stopping by.

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