Puppy Face

watercolor 11"x7.5"

Puppy Fetch Face

Portrait challenge day 2. This time a critter. “Puppy Fetch Face” watercolor 11″x7.5″. I really wanted the puppy to read as a white dog. Did I pull it off?

I sketched out the puppy first (I have video to prove it <smile>). I couldn’t find my masking fluid, so I was forced to plan the whites (which is probably better for my learning experience). I wet the paper front and back with a big clean brush, then removed the excess water and “squeegeed” off the front of the paper with a paper towel.

I used Hansa Yellow Medium, Pyrrol Red, and Phthalo Blue (GS), all by Daniel Smith. I brought in some New Gamboge later on.

I wet the shadow shapes and dropped in random color, going back and forth between the three pigments; except for the tongue. There I just used Pyrrol Red and a tiny bit of blue.

This little original painting has sold. Prints available upon request at size and surface of customer’s choice.

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