That Tickle Smile – Drawing

That Tickle Smile

Portraits 14 & 15 for my 30 x 30 Portrait Challenge.

I drew this value study in preparation for my next painting while watching Outlander on Netflix, so no video for the drawing process. I tried to remember to take process photos with my iPad, which also held the source photo. My friend, Breanne and her daughter Tay came earlier in the week for a “headshot” photoshoot. Tay started out shy with big wide eyes and a somber expression. Mom started giving her a little back tickle and out came the smiles.

The source photo is actually a little blurry. Sometimes I prefer slightly blurry photos. It helps keep me loose and general, rather than focused on the detail.

Drawing Stage 1

I started with ovals to set up the broad placement for the heads and Tay’s hand. I liked the diagonal composition to create a sense of movement. Mom’s gaze toward her daughter acts as a line back to Tay’s delightful face, the focal point.

After sketching in some contour lines, I began shading on the girl, her figure, moving to mom’s face, then the darks between them. I adjusted the size of mom’s head thinking it was too small and far away. Fortunately, I realized it early on, before “major surgery” as required.

Drawing Stage 2

Between Stage 3 and 4 I adjusted the mom’s far eye and added some more shading on the child’s hair, back and shoulders.

After putting it away overnight, I may make some adjustments to the girl’s hand, mom’s nose, and mom’s hairline?

Next up, painting! Stay tuned!

Update: First attempt at painting? Not so much. I’ll try again today.

That Tickle Smile

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