All Smiles Now – Drawing (SOLD)

All Smiles Now

Portrait #15 for 30 x 30 Challenge.

Keeping on with the challenge, my friend in California is doing the sketchy version of the portrait challenge. She wrote a blog post about doing teeth which made me realize I hadn’t attempted an open-mouth smile portrait in some time. So what’s a challenge without “a challenge”, eh? I agree teeth are hard to pull off, even in a drawing.

But this cutie patootie Tay smile is hard to resist.

During the photoshoot, It did take a bit of coaxing to find the smiles, but once we did, there was no hiding the “happy girl” bubbles. Tay, I have received my kitty cards now, so tell your mom you need to visit again?

I like the diagonal presentation, do you?  I am pondering a choice of colors.. I want to keep them soft and fresh. I will go review some paintings by my good friend, Janet Rogers. Maybe I will find my inspiration. I want lovely violet shadows and pink cheeks, so I’m thinking a Quinacridone Rose and Manganese Blue are in order, perhaps some Raw Sienna Light. I’ll have to ‘speriment. As always, Stay Tuned!

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