Little Veil – Drawing

Little Veil – Drawing

Portrait #19 of my 30×30 Portrait Challenge. “Little Veil” is a graphite drawing on watercolor paper 7.5″x11″. Start to finish in 50 minutes! Woot! Click on images to see a larger view in a new browser tab.

Stage 1

I started with a contour drawing of the big shapes, trying to concentrate on light and shadow rather than features and “things.”

See Stage 1.

Stage 2

I shaded in the first layer of value, giving the drawing an “on or off”, white or shaded, quality. See Stage 2.

Stage 3

As in previous drawings, I then shaded in the other layers of value. I have started using my fingers to soften the graphite on the skin areas and leaving the rough pencil marks for the hair and clothing. See Stage 3.

After reviewing the drawing in my iPad photo stream, I realized I gave her too much chin and neck. And the center of the chin was too far to the left. After making those adjustments, I’m calling it done! At least until I get the brushes out!  Tomorrow I WILL be back in the studio, and will paint at least one of these portraits.

Little Veil – Drawing


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