Clark Superboy

Line Drawing.

Portrait #25 for my 30×30 Portrait Challenge. “Clark Superboy” watercolor 11″x7.5 on 140lb Arches cold press. Click on images for a larger view in a new browser tab.

I created this painting and the next one (#26) (see next blog post) over two days. On the first day, I drew the outline drawings directly on the watercolor paper.

The photograph was taken by the boy’s mother, Alethia Harmon, as he was readying himself for Halloween excursions.  Apparently, almost Superboy was fascinated with 3D glasses.  I think he looks like a young Clark Kent transitioning into being Superboy?

I decided to use Triadic Color Harmony, using primary colors, red, yellow and blue. I liked how the blue of the outfit reflected up into the skin tones, hair, and glasses. I used a combination of Cobalt Blue by QoR and Ultramarine Blue by Schminke for the blue tones, Quinacridone Rose, and Raw Sienna Light for the yellow. I used a mix of Rose of Ultramarine and Transparent Pyrrol Orange for the dark hair and all the colors mixed together for the dark of the glasses.

This time I painted wet-on-dry, painting with tea-strength pigment. I started with the dark hair, then moved down to the face, then the underlying blue of the costume. I painted the base of the glasses with blues, so when I added the darks, the blue would be the highlights.  I built up the value layers, thinking the paint. T After staring at this overnight, I realize I need to even up the glasses lenses. Stay tuned.


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