Black Cats in the Wet

Golden Eye

Portraits #3 & #4 for my 14×28 Furry Friends of February Challenge. Watercolor 7.5″x11″ (and vice versa) on 140 lb Arches cold press. Click on images for a larger view in new browser tabs.

I have admired the ink paintings by Andre Penovac for years. I have attempted to accomplish the same sort of effect in watercolor one other time. I am determined to attain the effect I want, whether bleeding edge, soft edge or hard. I do not feel as if I have accomplished it yet, but standby.

Clean Up

For “Golden Eye”; I used Indanthrone Blue, Phthalo blue, Transparent Pyrrol Orange by Daniel Smith. I the eyes I used Raw Sienna light for the base, but added some Phthalo, Indanthrone, and TPO in teeny tiny doses.

For “Clean Up”; I used only Indanthrone Blue and Transparent Pyrrol Orange.

Next time, I am going to use a natural hair brush or a mop, and pre-mix big piles of the paint.

Stay tuned.

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