Flight Silhouette

“Flight Silhouette”

Painting #2 of my 15×30 Big Bird March challenge. “Flight Silhouette” is a 5.5″x7.5″ watercolor on 140lb Arches cold press paper. Click on the image for a larger view in a new browser tab.

I snapped a photo of a red-winged blackbird taking off from the branches of a Russian Olive tree while on my walk around the Empire Ranch golf course and the Carson River. My walk is a veritable bird sanctuary. I often see (and hear) yellow-headed blackbirds, geese galore, many feathers of ducks, red-wing blackbirds, robins, finches, wrens, swallows, starlings, hawks, magpies. It’s so fun to take the “big-guy” camera out and try to capture their activities.

This was a quick wet-into-wet painting. I used Hansa Yellow Light and Medium and Pyrrol Red by Daniel Smith and Ultramarine Light by Holbein.

I first did a light outline drawing of the main shapes, then saturated the paper front and back.

I hinted at the golf greens behind the tree and bird with yellow and blue in quick long strokes on a really wet surface with my large Lowe-Cornell #14 round brush. I added a tiny bit of red at the bottom of the painting as well, again with light, long side strokes of the brush. I left a little area above and to the right of the bird white and let the paint swim in gently. I added a few strokes of a dark blue/red/yellow mixture to give a sense of distant hazy branches.

I painted the silhouette of the bird and tree trunks with the same dark mix while still really wet, so I could get fuzzy edges (to imply movement).

After the paper had dried off to a damp state, I used short pull-push calligraphy strokes for the leaves, and light, pull calligraphy strokes for the thin branches. I changed the color composition for the leaves, skewing it sometimes red, sometimes, blue, sometimes green.

I thickened the paint and painted darks into the big branches and the bird, sometimes softening the edges.

Does it remind you of Halloween? Maybe it will be October in my theoretical bird calendar for 2021?

The painting is for sale, $95 (Original Watercolor Painting 5.5″x7.5″ in a custom white mat with a black core to fit a standard 8″x10″ frame opening). Shipping $7 if applicable (Shipping payment will be refunded if not required).

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