Two Americas

Two Americas

Painting number nine in my Big Bird march (but continuing in April) challenge. This is my “Two Americas” painting, collaged from a selection of photos I took back in my Utah days at both Eagle Bay and the Tracy Aviary. The eagles in my source photo both had broken wings. I tried to minimize the visual damage to their wings, and I put them in a natural setting rather than the cage in an aviary.

This is painted on 140lb Arches cold press sized to 7.5″x11″, or one eighth of a full sheet of watercolor paper. Click on the image to see a larger view in a new browser tab.

I think the imagery is a visual commentary on the state of the not-so-united-state of America at the moment. I will let the title speak for itself, and you can interpret it your own way.

As with my previous post, rather than give you a long, written explanation of the painting process, I will include an accelerated video of selected clips in the painting process.

I used just five pigments throughout the painting, listed here in order of their appearance in the video. Manganese Blue Hue by Daniel Smith, Ultramarine Light by Holbein, Quinacridone Rose, Raw Sienna Light, and Transparent Pyrrol Orange; the last three colors also by Daniel Smith.

Enjoy the video of the painting process. There are few words, just moving pictures. Moving pictures should be worth lots of words, right?

The painting is for sale via my Sellfy Shop You can pay what you want! I just ask that you pay the cost for me to ship it to you. Click on the green Buy Now button below for more details.

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