Dot & Pull Method – Color an Ink Drawing

“Geraniums” Sketch and wash, micron pen and watercolor

How fun is it to draw? I sometimes truly just enjoy a drawing session. If I really want to challenge myself, I do it in ink. This makes me think carefully about angles, proportion, and the relationships between shapes and elements.

I had convinced my gardener husband to buy some geranium starts to populate our potted flowers. Since it took a little convincing, I thought I’d better preserve the flowers for prosperity. I first sketched with a black ink micron pen en plein air, adding a zentangle pattern called Florz to the background. A few days later I decided to add paint. This back in the studio under lights and camera. Luck for you, right?  I do not have video of the plein air drawing, just the painting part.

The original painting sold to an artist friend in Utah. Thank you, my friend. You know who you are.

For this 3-minute video demonstration, I am showing the “dot & pull” method for adding color to an ink drawing.

I have excerpted parts of painting the red blossoms and the foliage below. The whole painting took about 20 minutes. I hope to have the complete video available at the launch of my Patreon channel, where paying subscribers will have access to all these 3-minute WHAT series videos, as well as a bunch of other full-length videos. The channel is built, but the populating of the channel still needs to happen. Stay tuned for the expected “launch date” of June 15th.

Supplies questions answered before you ask for this video.

Paper: Sketch paper, 140 lb watercolor paper in a spiral sketchbook by Canson. I can’t remember the size at the moment. I have two sketchbooks from the same maker, and I don’t actually remember which one I used at the time.

Paint: Quinacridone Rose, Pyrrol Red, Cobalt Blue Violet, Cascade Green, and New Gamboge all by Daniel Smith; plus some opaque Lavender by Holbein.

Brushes: #14 Lowe-Cornell 9020 Series Round.

Let’s watch how it all happened. The video will premier on Youtube on April 11th @ 7am PDT.

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