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Man in the Crowd

Man in the crowd – 2nd Stage

Portrait #29 for my 30×30 Challenge. Graphite on 90lb watercolor paper 7.5″x11″. Click on images for a larger view in separate tabs in your browser bar. This sketch is based on an image of a man in the crowd I took several years ago. It is a preparatory value study for a painting.

Man in the Crown – 1st Stage

Man in the Crowd – Final Sketch (so far)

The first stage is the outline drawing. The second stage is to separate the white from the “color.” The final stage is bringing in some more value layers. I need to make adjustments to the proportions on the face. Or I may just keep the painting to the second stage. I’m not sure yet. BUT I had two more portraits to do today to meet my goal of 30 portraits and 30 days. Sketches count! ha! But I may need January’s 31st day to finish the paintings.